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There are really no accidents. To accept the concept of accidents is to impute imperfection not only into the working of the Divine Laws but by extension into the nature of God. By accident is meant chance. Chance, however, is indicative of a lack of order. To try to explain the coming into being of Creation as a series of accidents is tentative at best because the perfection and order that we see in the natural world could not have arisen out of chance or accident. Otherwise, we would long ago have seen the sun rising from the west and setting in the east, and we might wake up the next day not knowing what to expect of our natural world. Summer would be winter and autumn spring. This would have been the result of a natural world created out of chance or accidents.

Even the lives of individuals could hardly be said to be due to accidents or chance. The families into which we are born, the earthly circumstances in which we find ourselves are nothing but the result of choices we make through the exercise of our free wills. They are often the result of where we left off in our previous lives. Otherwise, how do we explain the differences in the circumstances into which children are born? Some are born into poverty, disease, suffering, riches and so on. Why these differences? We would have to regard the Creator as being unjust and therefore imperfect if we accept conventional explanations. If, however, God is just and perfect, then these differences are not controlled by Him at all but by each individual. Through our attitudes and behaviours, we control our destinies and therefore our future earth lives.

What must always be taken into consideration here is the perfection of God. This is the yardstick by which everything else must be measured. If God is perfect, then it is impossible to accommodate the concept of accidents as far as Creation is concerned, or even as far as the human condition is concerned.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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