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Adoption by God

An early Christian concept which stresses the adoption of those who have become redeemed in Jesus Christ, as children of God. This is actually a beautiful concept as long as the individual realises that to be adopted by God means to become a child of God. This in itself implies that being a child of God is not automatic.

Therefore, in the nature of things human beings are not by right children of God. We have to become so; we have to be adopted in order for us to become children of God. In other words, we have to be worthy enough to be adopted. No parent would adopt an unworthy child. The same applies to us in our relation to the Creator. In order for us therefore to be children of God, we must prove ourselves worthy.

How do we achieve this, however? Obedience to His Laws and the development of the spiritual abilities which lie within us will show the way. We become pleasing to God as soon as we know and adhere to His Laws. This guarantees the development of our abilities, which is a prerequisite for becoming a child of God. On the other hand, a non observance of the Laws is tantamount to a negation which would never lead to adoption because in such a case, the individual would not be able to develop his or her spiritual abilities and therefore the prerequisites for adoption would be lacking.

Of course the concept of being a child of God is entirely different from the concept of a Son of God. As we all know and in fact if we give it a little reflection, a Son of God, as far as Divinity is concerned refers to an inborn Son of God, a Part of God, whereas a child of God can refer to nothing more than human spirits who have adhered to all the Laws of God and have ultimately proved themselves worthy of the crown of eternal life, of adoption.

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