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Ambition is entirely intellectual. It is the particular striving towards an earthly goal, sometimes to the exclusion of all else. It is a goal that is fuelled by intellectual will or that will that is bound by the intellect. As a result, we sometimes strive towards this goal without considering to see whether we truly benefit from this striving.

We strive towards this goal without any consideration whatsoever for our spiritual lives or even for our neighbours. It is this goal that is most important and we will sometimes sacrifice everything or eliminate everything that stands in the path of the achievement of this stated goal.

This is, however, not healthy. Man should use his intuitive perception to determine what his goal should be. God has a plan for every human being and it is the duty of that person to open his intuitive perception so as to discover what goal God has for him. That way he discovers his true goal and mission, which alone leads to real progress for him.

This is the only true path and anything else leads him astray. The intellect must never determine the path of a human spirit because his existence moves mostly in those realms that lie beyond the intellect’s ability to understand. He will only be led astray if he relies only on his intellect. Man is of the spirit and must use that tool which is of the spirit to determine what his goal truly is.

Ambition is therefore misplaced as far as human spirits are concerned and will only lead to chaos and confusion, leading those who dedicate themselves to this to involve themselves in all kinds of evil without knowing it, burdening themselves further because ambition eliminates the possibility of putting the Laws of God into consideration in our lives.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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