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Astral World

This term is used by several occult societies to denote an ill-defined world that lies beyond the perceptive capacity of the human senses. Many have seen this world and have become convinced of its existence. Still others have noticed the uncanny similarity between the earth and this world.

The term “astral world” is a coinage of these people but in reality until now it has not been fully clarified or explained. Creation, as has been mentioned is divided into Spiritual and Material. The material is further subdivided into an ethereal world and a gross material world. The ethereal is lighter, brighter and of a different consistency though it is still matter. The gross material is further subdivided into from above downwards: fine gross matter, medium gross matter and heavy gross matter.

Heavy gross matter is the heaviest and includes all the physically visible material globes from the finest nebulae to the heaviest precipitation of which this earth is one. Fine gross matter is still gross matter but it is the lightest and finest in this realm. Our physical eyes under normal circumstances are not able to observe either of the worlds of fine and medium gross matter. The latter is what lies between the fine and heavy gross matter. It consists of material intermediate to the two. In descending order from the ethereal world, we must traverse through first the world of fine gross matter, then the world of medium gross matter, before we can incarnate on earth. It is this world of medium gross matter that has hitherto been referred to as the astral world.

Therefore, we bear within ourselves the body of not only Fine Gross Matter but also that of Medium Gross Matter before we finally acquire that of the earthly physical. It is this body of Medium Gross Matter that the ancients and the members of various societies have been able to see and which they call the astral body. The Astral World just like every other realm in material Creation has been fashioned by beings whose duty it is to fulfil the Will of God. They fashion every other realm below as an exact copy of the one above. Therefore, the earth has been fashioned as a copy of the Astral World. Since it lies above the World of Heavy Gross Matter, it falls to reason that it was fashioned first and that our heavy gross material world followed. This explains why amazing similarities have been found between the two worlds.

The Astral world is actually meant as a prototype for the fashioning of things on this heavy gross material world and has been dubbed the workshop of models. For the same reason, our physical bodies were preceded by the formation of our astral bodies which served as a model or prototype for the fashioning of the physical body.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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