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To be. Only God is. Only God is Life. All else are consequences, all else is impelled motion. Everything outside of God is nothing but the radiation of God. God is Light and Light radiates. Now this radiation, which is a natural consequence of the presence of the Light is the all else outside of God.

This concept has generally meant the quality of having existence. To exist. Applying this term to creatures of God, it should be interpreted as meaning self-consciousness. Not just consciousness. The animal is conscious but not self-conscious but then not all human beings are self-conscious. To be self-conscious denotes a complete awareness not only of self but also of that Creation of which we are a part. It presupposes a complete knowledge of the entire Creation and its Laws. Now which human being can boast of this. Self-consciousness denotes perfection of the human spirit when all our abilities would have been fully developed through the experiencing of the entire Creation.

On the way to this full self-consciousness, we can be said to be in a state of becoming, an intermediate stage until we are knowledgeable enough and mature enough to return to where we originated from. We must realise that the human being in material Creation originated as an unconscious spirit germ from a part of Creation called the Spiritual realm or Paradise. We must realise that within Paradise are other human spirits with sufficient inner strength to come to full self-consciousness within Paradise. These beings arise within Paradise with their abilities fully developed and as a result fully self-conscious and aware of their abilities and how to use them.

Human beings, however, while also originating from this realm did not have the inner strength to fully withstand the pressure within Paradise and as a result our abilities remained undeveloped. This had the consequence that we remained unconscious. Abilities in an undeveloped state denotes unconsciousness. In order to develop our abilities and as a result become self-conscious, we would have to descend to realms where the pressure emanating from God was weak enough to permit this. We must realise that the real reason for our inability to become conscious within Paradise was the immense pressure of the Radiation of God due to His proximity.

Human beings therefore were allowed to descend into the World of Matter so as to gradually go through experiences which would allow a gradual unfolding of their abilities. This is one of the reasons why the World of Matter came to being. After going through the World of Matter or the material creation and experiencing what it has to offer and through this process, we develop the abilities within us and consequently we become more and more conscious of not only our abilities but also our surroundings with the Laws that govern them. This is like a cycle. One part of the cycle is coming down from our origin into the World of Matter and the other part is going up from this World of Matter at the end of our sojourn back to where we originated from. We return however, not as we left. We return as fully self-conscious human spirits, not only fully aware of our abilities and how to use them but also of the Creation that surrounds us. Between the coming down and going back is this intermediate stage of becoming.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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