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Another usage of the word ‘being’ is that it represents a creature. From antiquity, societies have known that there are different kinds of creatures in this Creation. Some we can see with our physical eyes because they dwell among us and can interact with us on earth. Examples of this are obviously our fellow human beings and of course the animals. Many societies have also been able to go beyond this and have recognised the existence of other kinds of creatures which they have referred variously to as angels, demons and so on.

How do we classify creatures however? We have so far been able to classify animals to some extent, but how do we classify creatures, all the creatures in this Creation. We could say that this task is foolhardy, perhaps even unnecessary as most people do not see any other creatures apart from those that can be observed physically. This was not the case, however, in antiquity. Because at the present time, most human beings do not see beyond what is physically visible should not prevent us from exploring this topic. The fact that these creatures were observed in antiquity and still by a minority in the present time testifies to the fact that perhaps these creatures do indeed exist and that we are the ones who have lost the ability to see them.

There are many of us who do not see these creatures but perceive their influence very clearly. We know that they exist because we feel their influence very strongly in our lives. We do not need to physically see them in order to attempt to classify them. As mentioned above, from antiquity, various kinds of creatures have been described. We have heard or read about gods, angels, demons and so on. Most if not all societies independently have described the existence of these creatures. Unless we assume that all societies somehow conspired and colluded to describe these creatures, it must indeed be taken as proof that they really existed and perhaps indeed still exist.

How then do we make any sense of these myriads of creatures? What are they? How do we understand them in order to then begin to classify them? Fundamentally, there are two types of creatures in the whole of Creation. These are Spirits and Beings. The latter is the subject of our discussion and we will come to the former later. What separates these two is the presence or the absence of the free will. Beings are creatures which stand directly under the influence of the Will of God. Spirits, however, possess free will and have to place this will voluntarily under the Will of God. The implication in this is immense and has serious consequences for the entire Creation. It is even fundamental to the entire Creation.

Before we go further into this discussion, we must realise that Creation is far beyond what we see with our physical eyes or perceive with our physical senses. For those who have not entirely lost their ability to use their intuition, this is immediately clear. Most people believe in a spiritual and a material Creation and rightly so. What came into existence when God started the Creations was the Primordial Spiritual realm. This realm is spiritual in nature, lighter, and is to be found in close proximity to Him. What came later only came as a result of the further evolution in the development of Creation. With the emergence of the Primordial Spiritual realm as the highest and lightest, other realms came to separate themselves and lie lower to this highest Spiritual realm.

Below the Primordial Spiritual realm, we came to have the Spiritual realm, then the Animistic realm, which is the realm that gives origin to animal souls and the so-called gods of antiquity. Further below the Animistic realm came to lie the Material Creation. Only the Primordial Spiritual, Spiritual and the Animistic realms have creatures native to them and are alive in themselves. The material Creation is lifeless and immobile as there are no creatures native to it. The creatures we find in this material creation have descended here from other realms for the purposes of maturing.

Those who were created in the image of God are the creatures of the Primordial Spiritual realm and are referred to as the Primordial Spiritual Beings. These creatures are the first, are perfect and are to be found closest to the proximity of God. It surely could not have occurred to us that we were the ones referred to in Genesis. Those made in the image of God are perfect beings who have nothing to do with human beings. To be an image of God is not just a question of having the human form. It also in all respects must refer to a perfection in being which is a characteristic we do not yet find among human beings on earth. It refers to a perfection in ability and essence which obviously we human beings have not yet achieved.

Those beings are examples and prototypes for human beings and perhaps through the development of our abilities we would gradually achieve that perfection of spirit which allows us to develop into the images of these Primordial Beings. So at best we become images or likenesses of the images of God. When the realm of the Primordial Beings came to be created, there was a fundamental division of the species into those who were Spiritual and those who were Beings. This is reflected in their tendencies and abilities. So the great fundamental split in the species of this Creation had begun. The reason for this split is quite simple as there is logic in all Divine activity.

Beings, as mentioned above stand directly under the Will of God. This allows them to uninterruptedly absorb of His Power and carry out His Will. In this Creation, they are dispensers of the Power of God. They receive of this Power and pass it on to those who are open to It. However, this out-flowing Power must also at some point return to Its Origin. It is the duty of Spirits to receive of this Power, make use of It and return It to Its Origin. Thus, we have the great Cycle of Radiation. Therefore, Beings in this Creation are all those who receive of this Power of God and dispense It to all creatures. They dispense in a great chain that starts at the Primordial Spiritual realm all the way to this material Creation. They radiate virtues and strength for all the abilities within the human spirits.

We, however, as human spirits are meant to open ourselves through the use of the free will and attract to ourselves those abilities that we choose to develop in an orderly manner. Without the free will we would attract all the radiations to ourselves in a wild medley which would prevent the development of our talents. In attracting and making use of these radiations we rise higher and also at the same time the spiritual results of the use of these radiations are attracted upwards if they are good. These serve to strengthen the human spirit further. This also has the effect that if while on earth we already use this resource, we pull the earth upwards more and more towards the Light. Over thousands of years, as noted even by some early Greek philosophers, the course of the earth’s orbit has changed as it has become heavier through the guilt of mankind.

Therefore creatures like Angels, nature beings and so on are nothing but beings who carry out the Will of God. Demons however, fall under a different category which will be presently discussed. Also issues concerning animals will be discussed under the corresponding topic.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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