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Benevolent Beings

There is a difference between thinking and intuitive perceiving. When we think, we use our brains, whereas when we intuitively perceive, we use our intuitive perception which is an organ of the spirit. Both these activities lead to the production of forms, which take shape automatically. These forms in their nature and appearance correspond to the nature of the thought or intuitive volition.

The forms of the intuitive volition, being of the spirit are naturally stronger and are imbued with more power. These forms are naturally attached to their authors through fine threads. These forms, being alive go out into the world and continue to act in accordance with their natures. If it is a form of hatred it will go out and attach itself either to people who harbour similar characteristics inducing these people to continue to produce similar forms or perhaps incite them to some dastardly deeds, or it can become attracted to areas or centres in the Beyond which have formed as a result of the attraction of so many similar forms. Such centres are dwelling places in the Beyond. The producers of these forms are attached to these dwelling places through the threads of their forms and after this earthly life must become attracted to these dwelling places because that is where their volitions have led them.

These evil forms are the so-called demons which the people of old have been able to see but which we at present still feel within but are no longer able to see because we have lost the ability to use our finer inner eyes. Aside from these forms, there are also forms which have arisen as a result of good intuitive volitions. These forms, also like the ones discussed above take on the shapes that correspond to the nature of the volition. They are also attached to their producers. These, being of a noble nature are beautiful in appearance. They also act in accordance with their natures and influence other people in like manner to induce them to do good and has the reciprocal effect on their authors encouraging them to continue to do good. Demons also have a reciprocal action on their authors encouraging them to continue to do evil.

These forms of good volition are called Benevolent beings because in accordance with their natures they promote peace. They are however in the minority as the majority of mankind produce more of the demons. This is the reason why at the present moment it is easier for evil to spread. There are simply more of these evil forms around. If we turn our volitions to what is better, the benevolent beings will in time outnumber the demons and there will be much less crime committed by human beings and the good will take root in our societies.

The forms that arise from the activity of the brain are weaker and really do not have much motive power as such within. They are called Phantoms. They soon wither away but also can be very dangerous if evil to those who open themselves to them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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