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There are not many people who give earthly birth the significance and the thought that this most important event deserves. People are more concerned about earthly death, whereas earth birth is just as important. If we believe that there must be a purpose to our existence, then it is important that we pay more attention to it.

Earthly birth gives us the opportunity as human beings to experience the earth which is imperative in our journeys on the road to self-awareness and maturity. We must realise that we were created as human spirits whose abilities were not at all developed and that we needed to descend into material Creation in order that gradually given the inducing effect that the latter has, we might develop these undeveloped abilities.

In the Spiritual realm itself, we were nothing but spirit germs who carry the desire to realise the abilities within but could not be conscious of them because the pressure which existed in there was too great to permit this. For this reason among others, the material world was allowed to evolve so that under the reduced pressure therein, we might slowly become aware of ourselves and perhaps develop our abilities and as a result return to the Spiritual realm at the end of this journey. Only the full development of our abilities permits a return.

On our journeys through material Creation, we also need to pass through the earth. On each plane in material Creation we have had to acquire the bodies of those environments in order for us to live there and experience what they have to offer. Therefore, on wanting to experience the earth, we also need a physical body for this, otherwise a full experience of this plane would be impossible.

Through birth we are given a physical body which we can now use as a tool that allows us to fully experience this plane. In fact we must experience all the planes of the entire Creation in order for us to understand all the Laws that govern it, and in each plane as mentioned above we have had to acquire the bodies corresponding to that plane. After the completion of our earthly lives, we discard our earthly bodies and are attracted to areas in the beyond depending on how we have lived our lives.

These areas in the Beyond are dwelling places fashioned through the volitions of men. Thus there are many layers or planes. Through the Law of Spiritual Gravity, we descend or ascend to planes in the Beyond depending on our weights which in turn are determined by how we have lived. Obviously the good rises and the evil descends. If while in the Beyond, we realise our mistakes, it is then possible to re-incarnate on earth in order to make good our errors. We are then born into circumstances which allow us to atone for our guilt. No matter into what circumstances we are born on earth, it is as a result of the way we have lived our previous earth lives and the intervening period in the Beyond.

We are placed exactly into circumstances which directly allow us to atone for past errors and free ourselves from guilt. We are allowed through our experiences to come to understand the why of our existence and move on from there. Apart from the atonement of guilt, an incarnation allows us above all else to experience the earth which is really pivotal for the development of our abilities; after all the earth is one of the planes in Creation which we must absolutely experience in order to know how the Laws of God apply here.

This is why a birth is a great opportunity for the human spirit. We however, have not learned to understand the importance of this opportunity. We trifle with it with the result that instead of the atonement of guilt we tend to add more to it and instead of real joyful spiritual experiencing, we indulge in actions which defeats the real purpose of human existence.

Every human being is here either at his own request or forced to live here through the guilt that he must atone for. We are all independent of our parents and would have to thank them for the opportunity proffered. Instead, we demand and even blame them for bringing us to this earth. Our parents owe us nothing and once we have reached maturity we should as soon as possible try to stand on our own two feet.

When a sexual intercourse takes place between a man and a woman, various threads of fate connected with these two determine what human spirit approach of which there are many. This human spirit stays in the immediate vicinity of the mother following up the development of the physical body in the womb and at the appropriate time, usually in the middle of pregnancy enters into this developing body. This is the process of incarnation.

Aside from the threads of fate connected to the parents, the special condition of the parents must also be seen to be the one that the spirit will need for its further experiencing and maturing. The incarnating spirit already has a body of the layer closest to this earth in heaviness. This layer is called the World of Medium Gross Matter or what others have come to regard to as being the Astral World.

When it has to leave the earth, it leaves not only the physical body behind but depending on where it is attracted to in the Beyond, he is left with the body that corresponds to the plane that he finds himself.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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