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We often ask the question “Where was God when this or that happened to me or to my loved ones?” We think that we are so smart or intelligent. This is an accusation of God which must be regarded as one of the blasphemous offences this mankind is guilty of. The question we should ask is “Where were we when God asked us to listen or learn to know the Laws that govern this Creation and obey them?” This accusation of God is a blasphemy that must be counted twice against us. Not only have we refused to listen or observe the Laws of God, we even have the temerity to accuse Him when the consequences of our evil actions hit us. Really the Almighty’s forbearance must indeed be over and we must all reap the consequences of our actions.

The verbal abuse against God is not the only form of blasphemy but also the careless use of His Name. The unnecessary utterance of His Holy Name and the use of His Name to justify all sorts of actions must also be counted as blasphemy. We all wallow in a morass from which it will very soon be impossible to escape. We must rouse ourselves and begin to ask questions of ourselves. Maybe we are too comfortable. The most horrible tribulation is probably what many of us will need to wake up. This tribulation however is nothing arbitrary but the just return of the consequences of our actions only now in concentrated form. These consequences had been spread out before, allowing centuries to pass but now it is too late for that and in a few years we will reap the consequences of thousands of years of misdeed. The effect will be terrible. Perhaps a few of us will still awaken and be allowed to see the future.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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