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God’s blessing can be the lot of those who obey His Laws. Blessing can either be material or spiritual. Material blessing obviously refers to the abundance of material wealth, whereas spiritual blessing is usually considered to mean an abundance of spiritual talents. Blessing is therefore a gift whether material or spiritual which proceeds from God. Real blessing is normally bestowed upon those who observe the Laws of Creation and who seek to uphold it and apply it in their lives. Because such people seek to observe the Laws, retroactively the Laws protect them and return to them the fruits of their activities. Just because such people have been good and have sowed good seeds into Creation as a result of their activities, the good also returns to them greatly multiplied both materially and spiritually. Those who are truly blessed therefore, have previously fulfilled conditions which make the blessing possible.

It is possible even now to be blessed as long as we are ready to change our ways. We have hitherto lived a purely intellectual life which has deprived us of the riches which a spiritual life can afford. We have used the intellect to make decisions of spiritual purport and as a result have lost our ways. We no longer wish to know the Laws of God because we think that it might be inconvenient since we have become accustomed to our particular way of living. This way however leads neither to success or justice.

Whatever we build sooner or later will collapse as we have used nothing but the perishable intellect in achieving it. The works of the spirit are everlasting and this is the reason behind the collapse of civilizations. They reach a particular height and then they perish. Why? All their works have been the result of intellectual activity and the fruit of such activity is ultimately decay and decadence. In fact, it leads to a curse which have befallen all these previous civilizations and which will definitely in time destroy this one. On the other hand spiritual activity brings about the blessing of God since we use His Power to build whatever it is that we are building. We no longer go against His Laws and as such His Laws will no longer act against us or forced to destroy us and our works but will support them. This is the key to a civilization that will last and last.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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