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We all think that we know what the function of the blood is. We know that it circulates through the body supplying oxygen and collecting waste material at the same time to be excreted either through the lungs or the kidneys. That is all well and true but there is more.

Further scientific research has revealed that the blood is indeed unique to each individual, much like the fingerprint. Each individual’s blood is his own. There are of course apparent similarities in the groups but there are so many other factors which makes each individual’s blood distinct. What is the reason for this, however? Why should each individual have his own blood?

Just like in the case of the fingerprint and as is now becoming apparent in the retina and iris, no two individuals are alike. This is not really a case of genes but more a case of the spiritual identity of each person. As human beings, we have chosen to develop ourselves differently and as long as we retain the free will to decide we will continue to do so. At the same time each human being has lived a life which is uniquely his own and as such has threads of fate attached to it which are also uniquely his own. On coming to earth he also needs special circumstances which are uniquely his for him to be able to atone for his guilt or in fact continue to develop his abilities.

He will also need his own unique way of interacting with his environment which will allow him to handle it. To be able to interact successfully with his surroundings, he needs tools which aid him in this. Now foremost among these tools is his blood. The blood is the means and the tool and also the medium through which his spirit can fully effectively make itself felt on earth. It is otherwise impossible for the human spirit which is still too alien to matter to fully unfold here. For this it needs the medium of the blood or better said the radiation of the blood. The radiation of the blood therefore acts as a bridge for the unfolding of the human spirit on earth. Through this the human being is able to make himself felt and is able to impress himself on his surroundings.

It goes without saying then that for this to happen each human being has to bring his own blood with him when he incarnates on earth. The blood which he inherited from his parents will not do. In fact in the first few months of pregnancy, the blood which circulates in the circulatory system of the developing foetus is the one inherited from the parents but as soon as the child incarnates in the middle of pregnancy which leads to the first shocks or movement in the womb, then its own blood begins to circulate. He needs his own blood for his own peculiar characteristics to burst through in what we call the personality. Our personalities did not derive from our parents. We do not inherit it from them.

It may appear as if we do but if we were to carry the consequences of the inheritance of personalities to its logical conclusion, we would be faced with so many insoluble problems that in the end we would come to realise that we have not searched deeply enough for the origin of the human personality. How do we account for justice if I inherited a personality I do not want? Do I become burdened with something that I definitely do not want? Where is justice if I am goaded to behave in a way which after all is not my fault as I inherited that trait from my parents? What we have otherwise observed are the effects of the Law of Attraction of Homogenous Species at work. This Law attracts human beings of similar qualities to each other.

Therefore children of similar qualities or personalities with their prospective parents become attracted to these parents. In this way, these children have the opportunity to continue to develop whatever talents or personalities they have. Children with musical abilities become attracted to musical families where perhaps such a child can continue to develop his abilities and on the other hand if it is an evil trait, then such a child can through experiencing the same faults in his parents perhaps come to recognise that that type of personality is indeed evil and as a result change itself.

Whatever the situation, the radiation of the blood allows us to express our personalities on earth and it must be unique since each individual is unique despite apparent similarities. It is the Love of God that still allows enough similarities in the blood of humans to at least allow transfusions to be possible without resorting to artificial means of suppressing our immune responses. The same cannot be said for organ transplantations which requires enormous artificial effort at suppressing the natural barriers presented by our immune system.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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