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A calling means a vocation in life. It is something for which one has been given special talent to do or achieve. In a religious or spiritual sense, calling means the possession of special spiritual talents or attributes which the Called one can put to use for the Light. Such a person has direct connection to the Light and is able to receive from It and transmit whatever he or she receives for the benefit of mankind. There are myriad of such spiritual talents but the underlying characteristic is that the Called one is allowed through the possession of this talent to carry out a specific duty. Most Called ones if not all already come with all the talents they need.

The earthly experiences they go through only help in awakening the inner talent. When the time comes however, they consciously enter into their missions and if they are steadfast they fulfil this mission. A calling is never earthly. Callings cannot be given by Churches or any other organization. It lies solely within the jurisdiction of the Holy Laws of God. These people receive their talents from God for a particular purpose and they incarnate on earth to fulfil their missions and at the correct time they mature into their tasks.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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