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It was not Christ’s intention to found a Church. This purely arose out of the efforts of His Apostles and later on the early fathers of Christianity. The Church has its role to play in mankind’s spiritual development as long as Christ’s Message is adhered to. Many people need to go to Church as it allows them to concentrate and focus on the spiritual. The most important factor is the teaching in these Churches which must point the way towards liberation and redemption for followers and not bind them. The worshippers must be told to serve the Creator through the activity of their spirits and not through obedience to the Church because God and the Church are not one and the same thing.

As long as the Church fulfils the role of a guide and facilitator and seeks to set human beings free from dogma and rigidity, it would have fulfilled its role. It should never seek to hamper the free independent development of human beings however. It should never seek to suppress the questions that arise in the souls of men but seek to answer them. It should never seek to advance blind faith in place of a healthy search for the truth. It should admit freely when faced with a question that it can not answer. It should be able to say that it does not know and encourage free independent investigation and the use of the intuition in matters of spiritual purport. Above all, it should look at its history and try to see whether it has not contributed adversely to the downfall of mankind in its method of conversion.

This method of conversion more than anything else has led to disaster and retrogression for many a human spirit and is probably solely accountable for much of the state of affairs today in most societies. When the word downfall is used, spiritual downfall or retrogression is meant. It is obvious that mankind, no matter in what country have retrogressed spiritually. We do not even know what the word “spirit” means. Our moral decline is so glaring that it can no longer be denied. Not even by the adherents and promoters of this decline. There are many people who want to fight the temptations within them, who want to be better but it appears as if there is nothing within that helps them to fight. There is no foundation, no sound inner knowledge that they can call upon to help them fight. So their strength runs out and they also slide into the dark stream of sin.

It is quite conceivable that if people, right from a very young age had been given enough foundation in terms of the knowledge of Creation, in terms of what really happens out there, then people would be able to fight temptation and evil with a sound knowledge. The Church and the other religious organizations however lack the knowledge and as such they cannot impart it to society. Centuries which the fathers of the Church should have used in opening themselves to the knowledge which inevitably would have approached them if they had asked for it were used in jostling for power and attaining political influence. They cared nothing for the souls of the people.

What really is the role of the Church? It is there to explain the Laws of God and Creation to its members and to teach them how to adjust so that they might attain to the Kingdom of God.

The leaders of the Church have had two thousand years to find out the solutions to many of our questions. By now every adolescent should have been given enough knowledge so that by the time he goes into the world he would be ready and prepared for whatever this brings. This lack of knowledge and the failure to impart it to the people have led directly to the moral decline of mankind of which the Church have had a role to play. If people had spiritual knowledge, that is, the knowledge of the Laws of God, then it would be much easier for the good to triumph. But we, as ordinary human beings have to accept the bulk of the blame for as individuals with free wills, we are solely responsible for our spiritual ascent and we could have over thousands of years made our own contributions to the general ascent of mankind.

If most human beings had been good, then things would have been much better and spiritual progress would not have depended on the leaders of the religions. Each individual has a role to play and within ourselves we could have formed the basis for the continued spread of the good and upholding of the Laws of God. As the popular saying goes “the bulk stops here”. The bulk stops with each individual.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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