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What is conscience? People with conscience find it hard to do evil. This is simply because there is a voice within them which allows them no rest until they reverse their evil actions or altogether prevent them from doing evil. Conscience is therefore, a form of inner voice. It is given to each human being and prevents us from burdening ourselves with guilt. It is therefore, protective in so far as it prevents wrong doing.

There are varying degrees to which people have conscience. Some have a very strong conscience and some have none. Why is it that some people have little or no conscience? Is it not unjust that some people have an abundance of this obviously protective implement? There is no injustice in the Work of the Creator! If some people find themselves with little or no conscience, then it is their own fault. Conscience is given to all and sundry. Many human beings, through the course of many earth lives have allowed their inner voices to wither and die because they have never listened to it or they stopped listening to it a long time ago.

Because of this lack of use, it withers away and dies and consequently they lose their consciences and as a result get entangled in all sorts of evil because the protective tool, which was supposed to prevent this, is lost. Such people, unless they awaken their consciences in time will never be able to find their ways back to Paradise, which is their home.

They must remain in the material world where there is a danger of eternal disintegration of their spirits. Conscience is a quality of the intuitive perception, which is of the spirit. A person who is spiritually dead will never be able to use his or her conscience. Conscience is also the admonishing voice of our guides in the Beyond. An inability to use the intuition will make it impossible to hear the voice of our spiritual guide whenever the latter wants to warn us of any impending danger. Not to have an intuition or conscience therefore is like a death sentence and unless it is retrieved, the consequences are disastrous in the extreme.

Once again it is the cold calculating intellect that has led many people to lose their consciences. The domination of the intellect cuts off the spirit and prevents its voice from being heard. Nothing from within reaches the frontal brain and as such, such people are cut off completely from the guidance which God is able to afford them. They are left completely alone without any form of spiritual guidance. Is it then surprising that such people do evil? The consequences are not only disastrous to the individual but also to their surroundings.

Each individual, knowing the consequences of a lack of the conscience would have to examine himself to see if indeed he or she has not in some way or the other in the past ignored the inner voice. It is basically the lack of spiritual knowledge that has led to the downfall of mankind. The moral decay we witness is also a direct consequence of this lack of knowledge. We should therefore strive to gain this knowledge and apply it in our lives and then gradually, the walls of the cold intellect that surrounds the conscience will be removed, allowing guidance once more to reach us from the Luminous Heights.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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