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What can man of today picture with the word ‘Creation’? He probably pictures myriads of planets and galaxies and solar systems. He only thinks in terms of what he can physically see. In most peoples’ minds, Creation starts and ends with the physical world. For those who believe in an afterlife, this is not often pictured in any clear manner. At best, people think in terms of a heaven and a hell and these are not pictured as being part of Creation at all.

It is impossible to understand what Creation is without having an idea of what the word ‘spirit’ means. It is just this word that has become the nemesis of mankind. It is impossible to progress further in our enlightenment without coming to grips with it. Yet it is this very word that we resist with all our energies. It is, however, to no avail. Creation depends on it and we as human beings are of spiritual nature. Therefore the earlier we make efforts to understand what it means, the easier it would be for us to unravel the mysteries of Creation.

Yes, in the lowest rung of Creation, we have galaxies, solar systems and planets; but this is just the lowest rung. This is the layer that can be seen with our physical eyes and also observed with telescopes and so on. Immediately above this layer is another, which is of a different consistency. It is lighter, so it lies higher than this physical world. It is the World of Medium Gross Matter. All the galaxies, solar systems and planets that have already been observed in this physical world are also represented in the World of Medium Gross Matter. The latter is actually a prototype for the development of planetary bodies in this physical world. The planets here are formed based on a blue print or in other words they arise as a copy of all that can be found in the World of Medium Gross Matter. A step further upwards, we find the World of Fine Gross Matter which is also of a lighter nature and also serves as a prototype for the formation of the world below it (World of Medium Gross Matter), just like the latter is a prototype for the physically visible world.

Therefore, the lowest part of Creation is referred to as the World of Gross Matter, which has been subdivided into three: Fine Gross Matter, Medium Gross Matter and Heavy Gross Matter (physically visible world). Now above this world of Gross Matter is what has come to be known as the Ethereal World or the World of Ethereal Matter. This has nothing gross material about it and is of an entirely different consistency. It is lighter and as a result lies higher. This is also subdivided into Fine, Medium and Heavy. The latter lies immediately above the World of Fine Gross Matter and the Medium Ethereal lies above the Heavy Ethereal and the Fine lies above the Medium Ethereal.

We must realise that each individual layer represents worlds with their own natural environments. Above the Fine Ethereal lies the World of Animistic Substantiality. In the lower part of this layer is where animals have their origin. The higher part of this layer gives origin to the ‘gods’ of olden times. These are servants of the Creator whose ambit of activity lies in the formation of the natural world, the accretion of planets, and the various activities of the elemental and nature beings of which we have heard so much about.

Therefore, the Ethereal and the Gross Material Worlds together form the World of Matter. Now, lying above the Animistic realm is the Spiritual realm. It is already obvious from this description that worlds upon worlds must lie between this earth and this Spiritual realm. This is the realm of the human spirit. This is the Paradise where we originated from. Now this realm and the ones that lie below it together constitute Creation. There is another layer above the Spiritual realm of the human spirit called the Primordial Spiritual realm but this layer gives origin to beings who are entirely different in nature from human beings. They are perfect prototypes for humanity and they do not enter into our discussions as such today.

There we have the entire Creation! In our discussions it is better to stick to the realm of our origin though the realm of the Primordial Spiritual also belongs to Creation. The two realms of the Primordial Spiritual and the Spiritual are eternal since they are forever exposed to the quickening power from the Holy Spirit. The material worlds however are not. The celestial bodies comprising these worlds undergo a continuous cycle of formation and dissolution.

Material Creation came into being in order to among other things form a basis for the maturation of those creatures who could not come into immediate consciousness in their own realms. Human spirits, as mentioned above originated in the Spiritual realm but as unconscious spirit germs. Because of the pressure in the Spiritual realm due to the proximity of God, we could not unfold our abilities and we consequently remained unconscious. While within the same spiritual realm were other spirits who were stronger and could come into consciousness.

The human spirits retained within them the urge to strive towards self consciousness. It was this urge among other things that led to the formation of the material world. We could only come into consciousness gradually in a lower lying realm where the pressure was not so great because the distance from God allowed a slackening of this pressure. At a definite point for each spirit germ in the spiritual realm, it reached a stage in its urge that automatically led it to be expelled from the spiritual realm into the lower lying material realm launching it on a journey of discovery. A journey towards self-consciousness and the development of those dormant abilities. Something that it could not do in the Spiritual realm because it was not strong enough.

Material Creation itself was formed through the activity of the elemental beings, those beings who originated in the Animistic realm. These beings are the administrators of material Creation and we as human spirits are guests therein. Creation came into being through Laws which guided its formation. As guests we are meant to come to know these Laws and adhere to them. Adhering to them guarantees that we fulfil the purpose for which we are here, which is to go through the experiences which material Creation offers and as a result develop our abilities, become self-conscious and return home, to Paradise.

Since material Creation is subject to the process of formation and dissolution, we must be wary of getting caught up in it. If we adhere to the Laws of Creation, then we will be able to free ourselves from it in time fully conscious and return home. On the other hand, if we do not adhere to the Laws, we risk entangling ourselves becoming caught up in it, not being able to free ourselves in time and when material Creation has to undergo its natural process of dissolution we may also be destroyed with it.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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