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Here it is not really a question of the symbol accepted and introduced during the time of Constantine the Great and which has come to symbolize redemption in the Christian religion. It is more a question of what the Cross really is. What does It represent?

Crosses of different shapes have been known and in fact, the cross of the Christians must be regarded as a late addition to the repertoire of the different forms of crosses. The Greek cross comes closest to the real Cross in shape, but not in meaning or significance. The cross used for the crucifixion of Jesus was the form of execution used at that time by the Roman authorities. It was mainly co-incidental and has nothing to do with the real Cross of Redemption. The real Cross of Redemption is the equal armed Cross. It is the visible symbol of Truth and where this Cross is found, there Truth is.

Human beings can only be redeemed through the Truth. The knowledge of the Truth shows the way out of sin. The Cross then being the symbol of Truth is thereby also the Cross of Redemption for mankind since It represents that which brings redemption, the Truth. There is only one Truth as it comes from God. His Word is therefore the Truth and if as human spirits we adhere to this Word or this Truth then we would truly have redemption.

Jesus once asked us to take up the cross and follow Him. Many over the centuries have interpreted this as meaning taking up the cross of suffering or taking up the path of suffering and that this path of suffering is needed for redemption.

What Jesus meant was for us to accept the Truth as It really is. Since the real Cross is the visible for of the Truth, we were being adjured by Jesus to accept the Truth, follow It and that therein lies redemption for our spirits. This has nothing to do with suffering. God does not want us to suffer to have redemption. In fact it would be ridiculous to make such an assertion as God is not a God of suffering but a God of Love.

So to take up the Cross is to accept the Truth as brought down to us by Jesus and to adhere faithfully to this Teaching. Nothing more is required of us as human spirits.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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