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In a general sense cult has come to mean something bad and undesirable. Something mysterious and therefore to be avoided. Some people even brand organizations they know nothing about as cults in order to prevent others from taking these organizations seriously.

Although there may be many organizations whose manner of proceedings leave much to be desired, this does not justify the wrong feelings that the word ‘cult’ now arouse in most people. Many organizations which engage in esoteric activities do not help matters by shrouding most of their investigations in a kind of mystery.

In reality cults and their activities should be an attempt to study and investigate the world beyond and bring it to the understanding of the public. In attempting this however, the correct tools must be used and the correct manner of proceeding. If the Beyond are to be investigated, earthly means would not suffice for this.

Using the intellect to attempt to understand what is obviously beyond the earthly concepts of time and space would not lead very far. To investigate the Beyond, the tools of the Beyond, which we also possess within us, must be used which are the bodies of the various layers of the Beyond and their sense organs. Above all, the spiritual intuition must be used to analyse the information collected and not the intellect which will never be able to grasp these matters.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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