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The various cultures result from differences in the characteristics of human beings. The culture of a particular group result from the fact that each individual in this group share common characteristics and therefore common values. Culture is an expression of the inner being. It is simply the outward expression of the spirit. It reflects inner maturity, inner worth and values.

Different groups of people have different cultures because they have developed themselves differently from the others. This will always be so because a uniform development of all peoples is impossible as this depends on the free wills of the constituent individuals.

No culture is complete either as there has to be an interchange of ideas among all peoples. What one culture lacks, the other possesses. It is wrong to consider one culture as higher or lower than another; at best it is different and still will contain elements no matter how low it is regarded that other cultures will find useful. Cultures, just like peoples are meant to stand side by side not one above the other. This facilitates mutual respect and consideration for others.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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