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Physical death is the passing from the earthly plane into the world beyond. It is birth into the Beyond. It should not really hold so much terror for mankind as we are simply going back to a place we came from before incarnating on earth. For the person who has lived a morally upstanding life, fear of death is misplaced.

Those who should fear death are those who have lived unscrupulous lives and these have every right to be afraid. What awaits them is often so terrible that it is often better to live on, on the earthly plane. This is however, impossible and they must one day face up to the Truth.

The consequences of their unscrupulous lives await them and they fall victims to all the forms that they have created in their thoughts, words and deeds. At physical death, the ethereal body separates or steps out of the physical one as it has only been telescoped into it.

Depending on how an individual has lived his or her life, the silver cord which connects the ethereal body to the physical one is lighter or heavier. The lighter it is, the shorter it takes to degenerate and as such the easier it is for the soul to detach itself from the dying or dead physical body, whereas the heavier it is, the more difficult it is for the soul to detach itself leading to the so-called prolonged death struggle. During a longer or shorter period, the soul finds itself in a plane depending on its nature. On striving away from the physical body, it drags the astral body with it, which after a shorter or longer period also decays.

The Law of Spiritual Gravity determines where an individual finds himself after earthly death. What this simply means is that the weight of the individual determines where he goes and this weight is in turn determined by the individual’s nature. Those who have led morally upstanding earth lives have as result of their good spiritual volitions produced forms which have made their ethereal bodies lighter, whereas those of evil volition have produced forms which are darker and heavier. These consequently attach to their ethereal bodies and make the latter heavy. They therefore sink into the lower regions as a natural consequence of their weights.

There they will find the forms that they have produced and also human spirits of similar tendencies. There the evil tendencies are intensified and they try to inflict on each other what they tried to inflict on their fellow men while on earth. The unrestrained raging that occurs there cannot even be imagined. Those who find themselves in lighter areas will also encounter other human beings of similar nature. They will come together in kindness and peace and will join hands in the pursuit of the greater good.

So there is no question of it being all over when we die, nor is there a question of the suspended animation of the Christians. The core of man, the spirit continues to live and participate in an active existence in the Beyond in order to continually perfect the spirit for which purpose it has come into material Creation. What sense would it make for a human spirit to lie in some form of suspended animation? That defeats the purpose of life which is continual movement to perfect one’s spirit until finally one is so refined that we can finally return to Paradise which is our home.

For those who do not need to incarnate anymore on earth, then it is all a question of continually working on themselves in the Beyond. Gradually they lay aside all the various layers of the material bodies they acquired on their way through the various planes of Creation until at last they can enter the Spiritual realm as fully mature human spirits.

For those who still need to incarnate on earth, after a longer or a shorter period in the Beyond, then they incarnate on earth again into the exact circumstances that they need for further spiritual development. The experiences they acquire while on earth will help to refine their spirits and should normally make them rise higher in the Beyond when they have to pass on until finally they too will reach a stage where they will no longer need to incarnate on earth and as mentioned above will gradually rise towards Paradise their home.

For those who do not want to improve themselves spiritually, it becomes an endless cycle of incarnations and reincarnations whereby they never find their ways back home. They run the risk that when the time comes for the part of Creation (here or in the Beyond) where they find themselves has to undergo disintegration, they might be caught up in this because they have not been able to free themselves from matter in time for the journey home.

Therefore, it is now more urgent than ever to make haste and act in such a way that would allow us to free ourselves from matter in time. This can only be achieved through the acquisition of spiritual knowledge and the exercise of the spiritual good volition which makes our spirit bodies lighter. We then rise to lighter regions and gradually progress from there to our spiritual homes.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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