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Spiritual defilement refers to the soiling of the ethereal garment through one’s way of life. The continual indulging in impure thoughts, words or deeds leads to the darkening of one’s ethereal garment leading to heaviness. This makes one earthbound, preventing access to purer ethereal vibrations. We are then pulled down ethereally to darker and heavier realms on our transition.

One can also defile a neighbour’s ethereal garment by sending impure thoughts to him. If that individual is not well-anchored in the purer realms his ethereal body can be soiled and consequently defiled. These impure forms surround him and these can even attract reinforcement, eventually poisoning the thoughts of this person.

Another form of defilement involves the failure of worshippers to keep their thoughts pure whenever they are in a place of worship. Their impure vibrations can attract other impure vibrations thereby defiling that place of worship. In this way, the pure radiations from the Light will be withdrawn as time passes, leaving the place completely vulnerable to the darkness.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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