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Whenever we intuitively perceive in an evil way, the wave of power produced is used by the elemental beings to shape forms which correspond to the nature of the volition. Thus we have perceptions of hatred, envy, greed and so on. These forms have life within and are able to act independently according to their natures on their environments. If they are directed to particular persons, then they seek to attach themselves to that person. They can also attach to and influence those of similar tendencies or those with weak defences. They are connected to their authors by threads and these form the channels through which these forms radiate back similar energies to their authors encouraging them to produce more forms. The threads are also channels for the returning reciprocal actions which must hit these authors as just rewards for the activities of their forms.

These forms are for obvious reasons very dangerous. They have animistic cores, which means that they can affect not only humans but also animals and the smaller elemental beings causing great havoc among these. Many people have seen demons and in fact some of the forms described in Greek mythology are demons. They are nothing but products of our intuitive volitions and will soon disappear when our volitions turn to something better.

The danger lies in the positive reinforcements that they give not only to their authors who continues to produce more of them but also to others who can be induced to start producing such forms. Thereby, it is often difficult to intuitively perceive in a good way once one has given in to a base feeling. This is because of this positive reinforcement; through the evil form evil energies radiate back to the producers from the centres which have formed as a result of the accumulation of similar forms. The individual would then have to expend greater effort to be good. Most people then give up because of this increased effort required. This is however very dangerous as we will have to account for every single one of these forms and our attachment to them can lead us into regions in the Beyond that we would rather avoid.

A constant effort to ensure purity of thought will soon lead to the production of more of the forms of good volition called Benevolent beings and at the same time our ethereal surroundings will become lighter which will then act as a form of protection against the returning effects of these previously produced evil forms.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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