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A disciple is an outstanding pupil of a teacher. The disciples of Divine Messengers are what concern us. Disciples are chosen as leaders of mankind. They are supposed to lead exemplary lives for other human beings to emulate. They carry within themselves the possibility for all this. Each disciple should develop the talents given to him or her to the highest level. They are set apart from other human beings and are indeed able to receive from a greater height. It is easier for them to understand the Word of the Light. They then pass on their understanding to others. In this way, they become mediators for the spread of the Word and exemplary living on earth.

The outward standing of an individual is not what matters. The inner abilities which as human beings we are not able to see is what counts in the choice of disciples. Disciples can only be chosen by God, not by churches or any other religious organization.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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