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There has not as yet been a satisfactory explanation of what this word means from orthodox religion or even from the various cults that exist today. There have been various references to the fact that man is divine or can become divine and so on. All this confusion arose out of the simple fact that nobody until now has been able to explain what man really is. What his origin is and also what the true nature of God is. Until this is done it would be impossible to understand this word.

It is however imperative that we understand what this word means so that we would come to recognise our place in Creation and also our relationship to God. The layers of Creation has already been touched upon: see “Creation”. Outside of the entire Creation however, lies that realm which came to be as a consequence of the direct radiation of God. God is Light and Light cannot but radiate as a natural consequence. This immediate radiation of God which cannot be limited in its extent or intensity is a world of its own. Therefore, a realm arose out of the direct radiation of God with all the creatures, landscapes and so on. This realm is the Divine Realm.

This Realm is eternal. It has always been as It is a consequence of the unavoidable radiation of God. Creatures who came to be in this Realm are the Divine Beings. Now it is obvious that these Beings are not the human beings of this earth nor can human beings ever find their way into the Divine Realm. It is a question of the difference in species. Man will never be able to go beyond his origin. This is a simple natural fact. No matter how perfect we become we will nevertheless be human spirits not Divine. Divinity presupposes an entirely different nature, a different essence just as spirituality presupposes a different essence, a different nature.

As human beings we should therefore concentrate our minds on what is attainable to us, which is the perfection of our spirits and cease this time wasting dream that perhaps one day depending on how much effort we make, we can become divine. This Divine realm is home to innumerable Beings among which are the Archangels that some of us are familiar with including also the fallen one Lucifer who had to be expelled from there because of his negative activities.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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