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Dreams are experiences of the Beyond. During sleep, some of us leave the physical body and go to other planes. The results of such experiences are what we remember as dreams when we wake up. Genuine dreams are experienced as pictures and these impressions stay on in the cerebellum, see “Brain” and are then passed on to the frontal brain hence coming to day consciousness. That way, the experiences of other realms reach our consciousness.

The important fact here is to understand the role the cerebellum plays in all this as the mediator for the spirit, receiving pictures or images and then passing these on to the frontal brain. Dreams are very important, as they can also be a source of warning. These pictures are shown to the spirit which are then passed on to the cerebellum and then on to the frontal brain. The ability of the cerebellum to retain these pictures and to pass them on depends on how strong and active it is.

The strength of the cerebellum varies greatly among human beings. The cerebellums of many people are not active at all, thereby making it impossible for such people to receive anything from the spirit. There is more often than not a loosened connection between the cerebellum and the frontal brain leaving a gap, which is very difficult to bridge. Dreams in such cases then are not truly dreams as there are so many other influences.

In some cases, the activity of the frontal brain is so great that it suppresses the cerebellum and it is in such cases that words tend to appear in dreams. Words are only to be found in the World of Gross Matter and in the true experiences of the Beyond, which dreams should be, there should no words just pictures. Where words appear, then the frontal brain has had an influence and the reception is no longer pure.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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