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Earthly law

As a result of the volitions of men, this earth has been cut off from other parts of Creation and left isolated. The Laws of God, which ideally should apply in all parts of His Creation have been excluded from human affairs. Hence we have devised laws for our societies which bear no resemblance to the Laws of God. We do not know and do not want to know the Laws of God and as a result we could not devise laws to harmonise with It. We have developed these our laws with the human intellect which is in no position to make contact with what comes from God.

Therefore consequently, the earthly laws which we have devised are as distant from the Laws of God as Heaven is from the earth. Only the Laws of God should apply to all His Creation. Indeed they do apply unconditionally, whether we acknowledge it or not, but our penal laws among others do not take these Laws into consideration. It then happens that in the case of a crime, we sentence individuals according to laws dictated by the intellect when indeed the spiritual laws should have been used for punitive measures. We then have the tragedy that human beings serve two sentences, one sentence through the earthly law and since the Laws of God have been ignored in passing the sentence, the individual will still have to account for the wrong doing spiritually. He might even be innocent according to the Laws of God.

Unless we are really able to see all the consequences of peoples’ actions, it is better not to judge. According to the Laws of God, there are many other people who should be brought to account first of all before those whom we have arrested. Those who pass sentences without taking the Laws of God into consideration are also going to be held accountable for all their actions while in office. The office does not offer protection according to the Laws of God. Each individual will be held personally responsible for all actions performed under the auspices of an office.

Maybe then the judges will think twice before passing sentences on people. It is really a tragedy that many lives have been ruined in this way. If we could but harmonise the laws, then there would be no question of a miscarriage of justice and there would also be no question of serving an unnecessary sentence whereby the individual will still have to be held accountable by the spiritual laws even though he had already served a sentence on earth prescribed by an earthly judge.

Earthly intellectual laws also guide such human affairs such as the family, marriage etc. These are clearly issues that go beyond the ambit of the intellect. These are human spiritual affairs which should be guided by spiritual laws. Well, we have all helped in one way or the other in devising and supporting such laws and we all now suffer under them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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