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The fall of man

What do we human beings know about the fall of man and the hereditary sin? What knowledge we have has mostly been derived from the Bible where we have the description given in a picture form. This is however where the most accurate account is to be found until now. It describes the fall and the consequences and then what has been called the hereditary sin. There are therefore two questions: what is the fall of man and its consequences? And then what is the hereditary sin? Is it possible that the sin of one man committed so long ago can be borne by the whole of humanity?

The fall came when man at a point refused to do what he had been used to doing. It came when man made a voluntary decision not to use his intuitive perception which is an instrument of the spirit and which had a direct connection to the spirit and through which the spirit was to direct the activity of the human being on earth. This, the human spirit had been doing. This ensured a close connection to the Spiritual realm because the instrument for the understanding of spiritual matters was still intact and was still used. A time came however, under the influence of Lucifer when man was induced, tempted so to speak to begin to rely more on the instrument which had no connection whatsoever with the Spiritual realm and as such could not receive from it for its activity on earth. Through this however, the possibility for the proper direction and control of the life of the human being through the spirit was lost since this calls for the use of the intuitive perception which was no longer used.

The gentle urgings of the intuition became ignored and instead man relied more on his intellect which was supposed to have the answers to all our questions. This specific decision therefore, not to listen to the voice of the intuition was what constituted the fall. It was the first act of disobedience and a wanton specific conscious refusal to listen anymore to the voice of the spirit. The intellect thereby, through this now took over also the work that belonged to the spirit. It began to make decisions which should have been made by the spirit and through been continually exerted over thousands of years grew in strength and with time completely suppressed the voice of the spirit in some individuals. It is this instrument that mankind had used almost exclusively to make all its decisions spiritual or material for literally thousands of years. Through this however, the characteristics of the spirit and its abilities and what it could really do remained closed to this humanity. What now exists in its place are the abilities of the intellect which is actually nothing but part of what should belong to the complete human being. Therefore, the human being of today cannot be complete because he still lacks a very major part of him which is the spiritual part.

Nothing or very little that belongs to this part can still be seen in the man of today. Therefore, the man of today is more of an intellectual man, not a complete man who should have been in a position to use both his spirit and his intellect. In making decisions no matter what it is, we use principally our intellects even in deciding on matters which clearly do not belong to the intellectual category. Nobody can deny this fact and as such through this our peculiarity we miss so much for ourselves and make so many mistakes which cannot but bring suffering in its wake. Since the man of today has not developed himself in a complete manner, it is not then surprising that we do not yet have a balanced society.

Mankind of today not being balanced within himself cannot be expected to produce a balanced society. He is simply incapable of it even with the greatest efforts unless he first corrects the imbalance within himself. The frontal brain, being the seat of the intellect and through being continually exerted over thousands of years went through a change to which all parts of the body is subject and to which also all creatures are subject and which happening we all would have observed in our environments at one time or the other. It underwent an enlargement because of the demands made upon it. It had to enlarge to be able to be in a position to handle the increased work load. Therefore it ‘hypertrophied’ to use a medical term, it became bigger and bigger because of this increasing demand. It has been proven through the study of evolution that the enormous increase in brain size is a relatively recent phenomenon and that early man did not have this characteristic. We surely cannot attribute the abilities we have to this enlargement or to say that this enlargement is normally characteristic of the human species. The fact that this cannot be so lies in the fact that human beings have literally being here for much longer than we imagine even before this characteristic set in. top

So there must have been a particular point in human history where this aberration set in. We cannot attribute a smaller frontal brain to primitiveness. The study of history and evolution can testify that with increasing frontal brain size came the chaos and confusion in our societies which was a phenomenon characteristically absent with early man. The role of the cerebellum has not been clear to anybody until now. It has always been a kind of a mystery to those who have concerned themselves with it. To those who have studied and even to casual observers it looks like a kind of miniature brain. In many ways, it is similar in structure to the frontal brain. It has two hemispheres just like the latter, it has extensive in-folding called convolutions just like the frontal brain and there are extensive interconnections between the two, hemisphere to hemisphere and so on. To any casual observer it looks like a shrivelled brain. They both have what is called grey and white matter which refers to outer surfaces which appear grey and to the inner part which appear white. The outer surfaces corresponds to the ‘head’ so to speak of the nerves and the inner part which is white corresponds to the ‘tails’ of the nerves.

Speaking objectively, it could not be asserted with certainty that this brain was supposed to be like what it is today and that it was created this way. How many times have we interfered in what has been created by God. How many times have we put our wills first even clearly against His clear commands. Therefore, we must not say that this was supposed to be so and then leave it at that. If however, we were to look at the facts objectively, which the search for Truth obliges us to do, then we must arrive at the conclusion that this is a brain on its own which potential have probably not been allowed to develop. What if the cerebellum was bigger than it is today? Would man be different? top

Scientific experiments in which various parts of the cerebellum have been stimulated to find out the functions of these parts have been carried out yet nothing have been conclusive from these investigations. No part of the body has ever responded to these stimulations quite unlike what happens when the frontal brain is stimulated. When the latter is stimulated depending on the part, corresponding parts of the body have responded with various degrees of movements. With the cerebellum however, this has never been the case yet when it is damaged severe disruptions have been noted especially in posture and other fine precision movements. Could it mean that the cerebellum does not directly control these movements but does so through an agent? Why is it that gross stimulation does not elicit any response? Yet when damaged produces disturbances of a gross nature.

The cerebellum is meant to be that part of the brain which has direct connections with the spirit and as such is meant to be the instrument of the spirit, receiving from the latter and passing what it receives on to the frontal brain to carry out in the World of Matter. Therefore, from this it is clear that it has no direct connection as such to the physical body but acts through the frontal brain on this body. Because this instrument of the spirit was not used for thousands of years because we decided not to receive anymore from the spirit, the instrument for this which is the cerebellum also underwent a change because of the low demand on it. Because of this low work load it became ‘atrophied’ to use again a medical term, shrinking tremendously in size to the pitiable position it is today.

The sheer smallness of this part of the brain in relation to the frontal brain bears witness to the crime of humanity against the ordinance of God. Both parts of the brain should have been developed absolutely equally for joint harmonious activity as mentioned in an earlier section. The brain as it is today is nothing but a monstrosity. The frontal brain has become a monster both anatomically and functionally that now it is almost impossible for man of today to control its activity. In its normal activity the cerebellum is supposed to receive from the spirit or rather the intuitive perception which is the instrument of the spirit in pictures which it then modifies according to its nature and then passes this on to the frontal brain which now carries out these instructions on earth. Through this the frontal brain is supposed to be nothing more than a handy-man of the spirit simply receiving instructions and carrying out these according to its nature not as it does today a decision maker in all aspects of life. The tool which was supposed to be used to receive instructions from the spirit is the cerebellum, which owing to the fact that it has not performed this function for so long has shrunk in size and has become considerably weakened. It is now so weakened that it can hardly receive anymore from the spirit. Therefore a most important bridge is missing for earthly activity for every human being.

The spirit, due to the absence of this bridge cannot make itself heard. The tool it is supposed to use for this is too weak for the purpose because it has been constantly suppressed for thousands of years. Therefore we can no longer receive from the spirit and just because of this we have estranged ourselves from God, Who can only communicate with us through our spirits. Therefore through our own decision we have cut ourselves off from God. The Lord is now not able to direct our lives because He can only do so through the medium of the spiritual intuitive perception and the cerebellum, which instruments the man of today has left undeveloped within himself. Are we then surprised that the Lord seems to be far away from us?

We are actually the ones who have made ourselves incapable of hearing Him because the ‘sense organs’ so to speak for this have been rendered incapable of this. Therefore through our own doing we no more have the eyes, the ears, in short we do not have all the sense organs anymore to recognise God in His Works because this requires the ‘sense organs’ that belongs to the complete human being. Even this part of the brain cannot even perform the simplest of tasks anymore; the receipt of dreams. It has become an unreliable dream brain because even during the process of dreaming the frontal brain interferes powerfully in the reception and therefore through this it has become unreliable, undependable as a pure receiver of dreams. Through this physical characteristic of the ‘small and the big brain’ and because the whole of humanity moves under this sign and because we had permanently interfered in the anatomy of the physical body, every child that is born also comes or so to speak inherits this kind of brain which has now become characteristic of the human species. In other words, the human species introduced long ago a deliberate change in its anatomy through an overuse of one part of the brain and the under-use of another part and through this a permanent anatomic change took place through the law of adaptation which affected these parts of the brain.

Because this was a universal decision and the whole of earthly human race was involved in this change, then this physical characteristic became something shared among members of this species. It became something that each member of this species must inherit as a characteristic. That is the law in gross material creation and we can observe this if we are attentive enough. Every species of creation whether man or animal has physical characteristics differentiating it from other species, even those closely related and this is nothing but the result of the way this particular species has adapted itself to its environment. The way it has adapted itself to its environment modifies and determines its anatomy, which is entirely dependent on the way it has chosen to adapt. The anatomy becomes formed and it becomes a characteristic of that particular species. This is therefore what happened to the human brain. This is therefore what is referred to as the hereditary or inherited sin or the original sin. What we have done is that we have inherited a tendency to sin, a tendency to easily entangle ourselves in all sorts of sin because through this abnormal brain it becomes more difficult to recognise God and thereby obey His Laws because what is required for His recognition and obedience is lacking through the weakened tool which is the cerebellum.

The sin itself has not been inherited but through this kind of brain it is indeed easier to sin because of the estrangement from God. If however we insist that we have inherited sin, this can only be correct in the fact that we have been joint contributors to the development of a brain that goes contrary to the ordinance of the Creator and as such we have all sinned against this ordinance, against our physical bodies and we all inherit this sin, we bear this sin within ourselves. We have all sinned because we have damaged our physical bodies through our voluntary decision to mutilate our brains. The wrong doing laid in that. But to assert that we inherited real sin in terms of a guilt which now automatically condemns us is not justified and is contrary to the Justice of God. So we inherited a tendency to sin because our anatomical disposition makes this indeed easier and if we allow things to take their course we will indeed sin because that is what the body dictates. Anyone who has incarnated into this type of physical body must find it difficult while it is in this body to unfold his spirit without making supreme effort in this regard.

This was only given to the people at that time in a picture form because that was the only way they could have understood the nature of the happening. Now however, we are given to understand the entire process in the way it progressed. We have through this completely destroyed the instrument which would have allowed us to become fully complete human beings on earth. That which was supposed to control our lives was not allowed to blossom forth and become reality on earth. There is now a gap between the spirit and the intellect which now is difficult to bridge because the natural bridge has been completely broken down, which bridge is the cerebellum.

The spirit as such cannot make contact with the frontal brain because this is too gross; for it needs the mediation of the cerebellum for this but this mediator has meanwhile been considerably weakened.

Therefore, through our guilt the spirit cannot now act to control our lives. The spirit cannot make itself heard and now lies in the physical body immured, sleeping, because the road to outward activity has been damaged. Therefore the activities of the spirit cannot be seen today on earth because the bridge through which it could act toward the outside is no more effective for this. Therefore no spiritual works can be spoken of as such by humanity of today, we can only speak of intellectual work. The works of the spirit are relatively few and can only be spoken of in regard to Art and Music and even now the intellect plays a very strong role in the creation of these works. Therefore man has cut himself off from God! He has completely ruined his physical body and therefore the tools which are to be used to understand Him. But how did this come to be? This started through the appearance of woman in Creation and the intentional exploitation of her charms and abilities. Man came to desire her only for himself and as such disobeyed his warning intuitions as a result. In desiring woman for himself alone he began to accumulate earthly treasures and paid attention only to earthly things. While doing this however, he neglected to do what was most important and woman all the more encouraged him to continue on this course which was bound to estrange him from God and chain him only to material things.

In his desire to impress woman and gain her earthly love he could not think of anything else; this idea occupied him and in the process forgot the main purpose of his earth life. Therefore the attention paid only to material things through the desire to satisfy woman and acquire earthly things for her sake turned our gazes only to this earth and with time made us forget the purpose of life. Woman however urged on this ugly process. They actually were the starting point of this process and they came to enjoy the attention given to them by man. They thereby became the centre of man’s whole life.

What however started in this way has grown to unimaginable proportions so much so that it has become self propagating and has affected all things in such a way that the initial reason for all this is hardly recognisable, although if keenly scrutinised one could still find traces of this initiating process. Since women through the delicacy of their intuition actually hold the key to spiritual development of the human species, it is indeed not surprising that they were the ones to be attacked by Lucifer knowing fully well that if the core succumbed then the entire species was bound to be subjugated and this was exactly what happened.

Women are the mediators of Light Powers because due to the delicacy of their intuition they are in a position to receive directly from the Luminous Heights and then pass this on to other human spirits. If they fail however, then the entire human race was bound to fail just on account of this fact alone because the development of the human spiritual depends on their mediation. Through their activities, women have now led men astray. A lot of other complications have been introduced. All other evil then came just because of this one act. Acquisitiveness led to greed which in turn led to avarice, lies, murder and so on. It took on a life of its own and propagated itself; of course under the direction of Lucifer.

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