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Fasting is often undertaken by people who need to receive some answers to life problems. It is often an adjunct to prayer. This practice has been around for a long time and is almost universal.

Why is fasting useful? And how many of us are able to explain the reason for its effectiveness? Fasting makes our physical bodies lighter, which otherwise would not be so as many of us are in the habit of over-eating. Our diets are wrong and we too often allow ourselves to indulge in gluttony.

All these habits have the effect of making the physical body heavier. This keeps the spirit down because it actually weighs on it. Consequently, we are not able to unfold our spirits. We are not in a position to open our spirits for the receipt of spiritual power. Many of us have often experienced this happening in our lives.

When we fast, because the body is now lighter, we are then in a position to open our spirits for the receipt of spiritual power. The spirit is no longer suppressed and it can unfold to rise to higher realms and receive help concerning whatever is oppressing it. This is why fasting is so important.

The intuitive perception is more active and as such is able to give purity to our prayers, which is most important as this allows our prayers to rise to the luminous heights, where we can receive the help we need.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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