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Fate or karma refers to the reaping of the fruits of our spiritual activities. Whatever a man sows in the form of his thoughts, words or deeds are returned to him greatly multiplied. The possession of the gift of free will also obliges us to be responsible as to how we use this gift. For whatever purpose it has been used, whether good or evil, the consequences must return to the individual.

There is a Law which conditions this activity of sowing and reaping. It is the Law of Reciprocal Action. Spiritual activity in the form of words, thoughts and deeds take on a form as has already been discussed, but at the same time, these forms are attached to their producers through an unbreakable thread. They proceed from the individual and are attracted to centres of similar forms or themselves attract other forms of similar nature. In any case, the producer is attached to a centre bigger than his original thought and when the consequences return, the whole mass that his original thought managed to attract to itself are returned to him.

This is the secret of sowing and reaping in a greatly multiplied way. The thread through which he is attached to his form forms the channel through which the returning forms reach him. This guarantees that there can never be injustice or error in the working of the Laws of God. It is not possible for another individual to be hit by a fate he had not first given cause to through the activity of his thoughts, words or deeds. The threads and the forms form a secure channel for the return of the fate of each individual.

These thought-forms are works which outlast the lifespan of our present physical bodies. They are spiritual works and as such are attached not to the physical body but to the ethereal one. Whether here on earth or in the Beyond the consequences of these works will hit us. Many consequences often return in another earth life. It is, however, doubtful whether really we can afford to wait for another earth life before we start making the necessary efforts towards redemption.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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