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Fear is a feeling that we are all familiar with. It paralyses not just the physical body but more importantly the spirit. It leads to inaction and makes it possible for the feared phenomena to actually harm us, something which otherwise would have been impossible.

Through fear, the natural protection we all enjoy is breached making it possible for us to suffer harm from whatever threatens us. If what threatens us is a physical object, our physical paralysis prevents us from defending ourselves and if it is psychical then the spiritual paralysis also prevents us from defending ourselves, making it possible for the psychical object to penetrate and harm our spiritual body.

In whatever way we look at it we suffer great harm as a result. Fear is therefore utterly unproductive and destructive and should never be allowed to take root in our souls.

Additionally, since fear is one of the major characteristic of this humanity, a massive centre has arisen in the immediate Beyond as a repository for all the fear forms we have produced for thousands of years. This centre continuously influences people, especially those who are already fearful human beings, influencing them further in this direction. This actually makes it difficult for this kind of people to break free from this characteristic.

As soon as mankind becomes less fearful, then the power of this massive centre will be broken allowing a more confident and knowledgeable humanity to arise.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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