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We can attain to forgiveness of sin if we apply the power of good volition. The constant application of the power of volition for the good will form a light, pure, protective ring around the soul, thereby preventing the returning evil radiation of karma to penetrate fully or not at all leading to a symbolical redemption of the guilt or sin. Thus through constant effort to be good and to adhere to the Laws of God, forgiveness of sin can be attained. Forgiveness can also be attained if the person that we sin against truly in his or her heart forgives us. The threads of fate are then loosened and one becomes free from that particular entanglement.

Forgiveness of sins by third parties is altogether excluded because they are not woven into the threads of fate and therefore can have no influence whatsoever in this. It is even presumptuous to attempt to forgive another’s sins, something which lies only in the Omnipotence of the Creator. All that a third party can really do is offer a prayer of intercession.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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