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It is impossible to speak of Creation without gravity. In fact one of its fundamental laws is the Law of Spiritual Gravity. This Law works with the other Laws of Creation in the maintenance of strict order in the Universe. Gravity not only determines the level at which each realm finds itself in creation, it also determines the realm in which each human spirit finds itself.

The lighter a part of creation is, the closer it is to the Source of Light, God, but the heavier it is, the greater the distance from the Creator. As far as human spirits are concerned, the purer the human being is, the lighter it is and as a consequence the higher it rises in the Beyond. The less pure the person is, the heavier he is and as such the lower he sinks in the Beyond.

Gravity, however, does not work from below upwards as has hitherto been assumed but from above downwards. This gravitational force, which proceeds from the Almighty is what is responsible for the stratification of Creation or in other words the organization of the entire Creation into layers. This arrangement is determined entirely by the weight of each layer of Creation. The heavier a layer or realm is, the lower it sinks, in other words, the further away it moves from the Creator. The Radiation or the Force which emanates from God therefore is the cause of Gravity. This has nothing to do with the so-called gravitational attraction of the earth. The earth itself is nothing but a consequence of the great gravitational force responsible for the coming into being of all the realms of Creation.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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