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The cynicism of many people and their denial of God is the subconscious refusal to accept the picture of God offered to us by various religious groups. Every individual has an awareness of the Sublimity of God within and many, in rejecting this picture seek to altogether overstep the mark because they confuse God with religion. God has nothing to do with religion and we are perfectly capable of seeking connection with Him without it.

It is this confusion and error that has been planted into the minds of many people and indeed many believe that religion is imperative and is a necessary mediator to God. This seed, planted in the minds of people centuries ago unfortunately is still very much in effect today. When we finally realise that we do not really need any organised religion in order for us to seek God and come to know Him, then perhaps many who deny Him today would breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that they can now go their way and serve God through the independent activity of their spirits.

Not too many words need be said on this topic. All of us carry within a strong awareness of God. All we need is seek to exercise that awareness through opening ourselves from within. Intellectual interpretations of religious writings will not take us very far. The awareness of God has nothing to do with academic degrees in religion nor are these people the most qualified to interpret the Word of God. Therefore, looking on to these people for enlightenment will not lead to the way. Only he who carries within himself a refined intuitive faculty can understand God and His Work. That intuitive faculty is given to all and sundry. It does not require university degrees. Whoever has kept his intuition pure can also gain access to the purity that animates Paradise and can indeed draw from such heights, no matter what his earthly condition is like, educated or illiterate; rich or poor.

To say that you need earthly qualifications to understand the spiritual is even contradictory. God and the spiritual are realities, which are far removed from the earthly limitation of time and space, which the intellect is subject to. The latter is not able to rise above the limitations of this earth in its research and understanding because it was derived from it. The spiritual faculty of the intuition, however, being of the spirit goes far beyond the earthly limitations of time and space and as a result is in a position to grasp the spiritual.

Therefore, if we want to understand God and the spiritual, we must open ourselves from within and use the faculty of the spirit called the intuition. If we keep it pure through the exercise of pure volition, then we are connected to the Spiritual realm though we may still be on earth. Through this connection, the Laws of God and the structure of Creation becomes clearer to us and through this understanding we gain a recognition of God, which is the purpose of man’s life.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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