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What is happiness? Happiness is a condition of the soul. Happiness is within. It is felt within. It has nothing to do with the intellect. At best the intellect can be self-satisfied, but never happy. Happiness therefore, depends on the condition of the spirit. A spirit which is unburdened and unconstrained in this creation will be happy. It is automatic. As long as it knows and adheres to all the Laws of God, happiness comes to it as a reward. He is content. Happiness actually is contentment. Spiritual contentment.

Contentment with the present and its thorough experience. This has nothing to do with earthly position and wealth. Wealth does not necessarily bring happiness and there are many poor people who are perfectly happy, perfectly content. There is also a feeling of being protected and of quiet confidence in the Will of God.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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