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The Law of Spiritual Gravity determines where each individual finds himself or herself after earthly death. A person who has lived an evil life on earth has sullied his cloak and therefore made it heavy, whereas a pure earthly life leads to the purification of the cloak making it lighter and brighter. The former, after passing on sinks to a place which corresponds to his nature.

If he has been a murderer, he sinks to a place in the Beyond where he will find like-minded people, murderers like himself. They will molest each other to excess. One can to some extent begin to imagine how life would be in those regions. There are many such regions depending on the varied propensities of men. These are huge dwelling places in the Beyond that represent all the aberrations of human behaviour.

Homogenous human beings are drawn to such places at their earthly deaths. They partake of the life and sufferings in such regions. Life in such places is truly hellish. Far away from all Light, it is only suffering that reigns supreme.

Going to hell therefore is conditioned by the inner being. The forms of our volition are anchored to places in the Beyond homogenous to such forms and we are drawn to these places through the threads that connect us through our forms. There is therefore no injustice in the matter.

Making one’s way out of hell requires that those in there come to recognition of their wrongdoing through the experience of the life there on themselves. They would have to come to recognize the reason that has led them to those regions and make an inward decision to change for the better. That way, gradually, they would be led out of such regions but the question is whether there will be enough time for such an escape, considering the overripe state of this part of the Universe.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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