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Humility in a spiritual context is the ability to open oneself to spiritual knowledge and to put the intellect in the place accorded to it by Nature. The real reason for lack of humility in most people is the tendency to use the intellect for decision making in all matters, including what is spiritual. If such people then find an obstacle or a gap in their knowledge, they reject all else, saying that they have thought these matters out and as such there can be no other solution. What such people fail to realize is that they have reached the highest limit of the intellect’s ability to grasp matters which are after all beyond its ambit.

These are matters which go clearly beyond the earthly concepts of space and time and the intellect is bound to these earthly concepts. The individual has to realize this and use the proper tool for this, which is the spiritual intuition. Without humility it is impossible to progress spiritually. The arrogance which always accompanies excessive intellectual activity closes such people to the possibility of receiving further knowledge and enlightenment. They already think that they know all and as such close themselves to other possibilities.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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