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The ideal is the ultimate, the example. It is a goal we should all strive towards. By the time we become perfect human spirits, we would have attained the ideal. While still in the world of matter on our wanderings, we can be said to be striving towards the ideal since this is the highest attainable goal. To be ideal is to have made the contents of the Divine Messages one’s own. It would have become part of one’s flesh and blood so much so that adhering to the Laws of God becomes a spontaneous breaking forth of the inner being.

To strive towards the ideal therefore, is to have this goal as the main focus of one’s existence. People striving towards the ideal always have a goal in mind that benefits many people. It is often a goal the achievement of which will bring blessing to the generality of the people. It is never a selfish goal. There used to be many such people but these are getting fewer and fewer.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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