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People have a lot of respect for those with imagination. In fact there is nothing wrong in being imaginative as long as it is not carried too far. Imagination is, however, inferior to intuition and spirit. Again it is derived from intellectual activity but this time in combination with feelings. We all know what feelings are or we think that we know. In any case, feeling is not intuition, the latter is far more powerful. Feeling emanates from the physical body. It is an urge from the body. When we then apply our intellects to this urge or urges, we then have imagination. Therefore imagination is a product.

However, it is bound up to this earth and all that is earthly. It is unable to rise beyond the constraints of this earth. It is therefore of very little benefit in terms of the spiritual progress of the individual. Being derived from the intellect and bodily feeling, it is limited to earthly concepts of time and space unlike the intuition which goes beyond this. This product (imagination) has a strong retroactive effect on the producer inducing him to go in the same direction. It, however, has no effect on other people. It is not a wave of power like the intuition which goes out to affect other people either in a positive or negative way

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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