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To be immortal means to live for ever. This does not, however, mean to live for ever physically on earth, as this is impossible. The physical body will forever be transient as that is the nature of all material things, whereby after a certain time has elapsed they must revert to their basic state only to be reconstituted at a later date in a new form.

Therefore, no human being can live on earth forever, though at this time all kinds of efforts are being directed towards just this goal. The search for eternal life or immortality is not in itself wrong, but as usual it has been directed wrongly since this search has been led by men of the intellect.

Immortality is the ultimate goal of the human spirit. His goal is to become spiritually immortal after he has developed all his abilities to their fullest extent. The gift of immortality will be bestowed upon him only after he personally has made the efforts to perfect his spiritual abilities.

He is allowed to be immortal as an eternal contributor to the further advancement of Creation, using those abilities which he has developed fully. It is therefore entirely up to him to achieve this goal. The path to this immortality rests in the strict adherence to the Laws of God. Any deviation from this will prevent the development of his abilities, therefore becoming unable to achieve the immortality which is his ultimate goal.

The present search for immortality by mankind is therefore not to be taken lightly. It is the subconscious feeling that this must be the ultimate goal. Physical immortality is not the goal, however but spiritual immortality. Our inability to develop our spiritual abilities to their fullest extent in the Laws of God will eventually lead to he destruction of our personalities, making our quest for immortality superfluous.

We must therefore learn to know the Laws of God and adhere to them as this is the only way to achieve immortality so that these same Laws that we disobey will not be forced to destroy us.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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