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See also “Birth”.

This refers to the entrance of a human spirit into a developing foetus in the womb at a particular time during pregnancy, usually at the middle of pregnancy. The concept of incarnation is an old one and is more or less to be found in all cultures. It was also a popular concept among Europeans before the advent of Christianity.

This teaching was, however, suppressed by the Christian church as it consolidated its hold on the the various indigenous populations. Since this suppression, everybody has been left swinging in midair without any form of support whatsoever. The loss of this teaching or belief completely removed the foundation from many a people who are now more or less left rootless and dangling in midair.

This is rather a sad situation as many of us are not able to explain the many events in our lives or logically trace or explain many a happening. In short this led to widespread ignorance about many things and about life itself. Without this knowledge it is impossible for mankind of today to progress at all, yet it is against this very teaching that many would fight with the greatest stubbornness without any shred of reasoning.

The slightest reflection is enough to see that nothing is explained by the present day religious beliefs that refuse to take incarnation or reincarnation into account, but then the individual is always free to choose his beliefs. It is just impossible to explain and draw a cord through all happenings and events in our lives without this knowledge. He who claims that he is able to explain his life and all the events around him without taking reincarnation and incarnation into account is only deceiving himself.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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