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It is difficult to grasp the concept of infinity without understanding the concept of Nothingness. Before the Radiation of God went out in the Fiat “Let There Be Light”, nothing actually existed outside of the Divine Sphere. Even space had to be created with the Radiation of God. The Radiation of God which was allowed to go beyond its unavoidable boundary automatically created the space into which all the various rings of Creation could form themselves and continue to expand.

Even space is finite, but as Creation expands further through the activities of the mature spirits, the Power of God will be used to form more space and consequently more worlds. It is this ability to form more space and to form more worlds that is infinite and this lies alone in the Power of God given in His Radiation. Therefore space and consequently the worlds that inhabit this space can forever expand into the Nothingness that surrounds them.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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