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Inspiration refers to the receipt and use of higher thoughts in combination with one’s ideas in the realization of a goal. Whenever one is deeply absorbed in thought, the forms of one’s thoughts rise up into the Beyond, to homogenous areas where they can combine with other thought-forms, thereby making one’s original thought-forms stronger. Other elements are even added to one’s thoughts and the result flows back to us, and suddenly we have before us the solution to problems we had cogitated on for so long. That is the origin of inspiration.

Therefore, in any invention or discovery there has always been other thought forms involved in the creative process. These other forms combine with our thought forms, moulding, and therefore changing it until it matures through a combination of all these elements. We, however, must be the ones to make the initial effort. It never happens that inspiration flows to someone who sits idly by. It is also never a fleeting thought. It must be a serious preoccupation to solve a particular problem. Many people have already experienced this and many scientific and other discoveries are due to this process.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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