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Intuition is the instrument of the spirit. In contradistinction to the intellect, it traverses the earthly conceptions of space and time. The intuition should be used when judging matters of human nature because these lie in its ambit. Being spiritual it can see beyond the earth and as such the right decisions will often be made. The spirit communicates with the brain through the intuition. It sends waves or radiation through the intuition to the cerebellum which then passes this on to the intellect for earthly transmission.

For a long time already most human beings have broken down this channel of communication within themselves. We no longer receive from the spirit. The radiations that emanate from it do not get to the frontal brain because the cerebellum is too weak to pass it along. More often than not, the frontal brain is too active to allow itself to receive from the cerebellum thereby cutting off spiritual works for this humanity. What we see before us on earth today are nothing but intellectual works. The works of the spirit are no longer able to penetrate to the outside as all the bridges necessary for this have been cut off.

It is not at all difficult to recognise the intuition. It is often that inner voice that most people have heard and which they have often ignored only to regret it later. Part of it is also the conscience that has troubled so many of us and leave us with no rest when we know that we have done an injustice to a fellow human being. If only we could yield more often to this voice, then much would change and a better epoch for mankind would have dawned.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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