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Judgement, The

The end of the time allotted to mankind for its development brings a judgment. But why? This time normally should not bring about a judgment but a joyful affirmation of the Will of God in Creation. Only for those who have used the allotted time well and have adjusted to His Will shall this time bring joy and blessing. Those who have placed their self will above that of God’s will receive the just consequences of their actions – judgment.

Mankind, through the wrong use of the free will have introduced evil into this part of Creation. Creation has become diseased through the introduction of something entirely alien to it, which has disturbed its rhythm and which threatens to destroy it if left unattended. This evil weighs down on this part of Creation and would have to go down into the funnel of disintegration because with time it would simply be too dark and too heavy for it to be able to receive the quickening spiritual power from the Holy Spirit and be saved.

This is the fate for those parts of material Creation where nothing really can be salvaged of the inhabitants. In order to prevent a complete destruction of this part of the world, which would have been inevitable under the just Laws of God, a judgment has to set in which real aim is to destroy all the evil alien works which mankind has introduced into material Creation through the wrong application of the free will. Those who are still good and who in any case would have been destroyed with those who were evil will be separated from these. The evil ones with all their works will be removed to where they duly belong.

This earth will be free from those human beings who do not wish to listen to the Will of God. Only those will be left who are willing to voluntarily adjust their free wills to the Will of God. Therefore, through the act of judgment, Creation is forced to save itself by ridding itself of disturbing elements who have introduced distortions into it and who have taken it off course; away from that course which would have guaranteed a continual absorption of the Radiation of God allowing it to remain forever fresh and young.

If only these people would restrict their activities to themselves, but they continue to spread poison and thereby also confuse those who want to adjust their lives to the Light. For this reason they will now be removed so that those who wish to follow the Light will at last be free to do so without the fear of being molested and threatened by those whose intention was never to obey God.

So as we can see the Judgment is necessary and an act of Love as only the Almighty is capable of fulfilling. An act of Love in respect of those creatures who have always wanted to follow His ways but who have been hindered in this by those who oppress and agitate against them. The Judgment is therefore just and should be welcomed by all those who simply do not want things to continue in the way they are at the moment.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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