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Many of us today have reservations about the existence of Divine Justice. We have seen so many things happen, we have experienced and witnessed so much evil, without justice being apparently done. The evil does not seem to be punished, and the good are those who apparently go through hard times. These happenings, over the years have shaken our beliefs in the existence of Divine Justice. Everywhere we look, injustice seems to reign supreme.

The mistake we make however, is that we try to see Divine Justice too much in a human way, whereas it is something that the intellect of man is unable to grasp. It is something concerned with the human spirit. It is something that governs the whole of existence, not just a short life span on earth. The other mistake we make is that we forget to take into consideration that we have several earth lives behind us and through this ignorance we lose the free survey and encounter obstacles upon obstacles. As a result, we never get our questions answered, we grumble and murmur about injustice, whereas there is nothing of the sort, otherwise Jesus would not have said that ‘not an iota or a dot’ shall pass before the law without being accomplished.

The Laws guarantee Justice and do not permit anything to pass without being accounted for. For whatever a man sows, that shall he reap, and that is Divine Justice. We should first try to seek for answers beyond the earth. We should seek for Divine Justice beyond the intellect, beyond the narrow confines of our intellectual way of reasoning.

Let us use the instrument that we have which is adapted to understanding such matters of spiritual purport, and that is our intuition, our intuitive perception, which is able to soar above the confines of the earthly concepts of time and space and therefore able to grasp what lies beyond the earthly.

These Laws, which guarantee Justice, proceed from realms beyond the earthly and it is only with the use of the beyond earthly senses, which we also harbour within us, that will enable us to grasp what real Justice is. Therefore we can never grasp what Divine Justice is, we can never understand it and will continue to lament and grumble about injustice in all things until we ourselves make the effort to soar upwards and awaken the instrument which can be used to understand these matters.

Jesus Christ, during His time referred to the existence and inviolability of those Laws which guarantee Justice. Why nobody has followed this up, why we still grumble about injustice, when we had been told what Justice is, is what is beyond comprehension. Already at that time, Jesus said in Matthew 12. 36-37 that ‘I tell you, on the day of Judgement, men will render account for every careless word they utter, for by your words you will be justified and by your words you will be condemned’.

The reason why we still do not see Justice in all our affairs can be attributed to our failure to make an effort to grasp what it really is, our failure to strive to understand and see it in human affairs. Our religious teachers failed to make efforts to grasp it, and we also failed to make personal efforts to demand insistently that they explain it to us. Maybe this would have awakened everybody to a more responsible seeking.

The Words of Jesus have been with us for two thousand years and yet we have never done anything with it. We still have questions when we have answers before us, we have never sought to understand His Words and on our downward path, we are helped and supported by calculating and selfish leaders, who think of nothing more but their own earthly interests and ambition to dominate, to lead. History gives proof of this. After gaining earthly power, however, they showed by their conduct that they never had the spiritual advancement of anyone at heart. They tortured, maimed and killed anyone who opposed them or dared to hold a contrary opinion.

Our Master, Jesus, however, Whom they claimed they were defending, preached only love for our neighbours. Every single aspect of their conduct was in contradistinction to the Love Jesus represented and taught. Are we then surprised that as we are today, we are very spiritually backward? First, they kept the writings away from the people for centuries and when these writings finally appeared, they introduced externals into the practice of religious worship, practices which had nothing to do with the true worship of God.

They turned people into slaves and arrogated to themselves the power over the lives and deaths of individuals. They instituted laws which threatened people with torture and death if opposed. This was a true reflection of what the Pharisees and scribes did in using the letter of religious law in persecuting people.

How then, under these conditions could we have answers to our questions, because even the majority of the people had always sided with these leaders in their fear and indolence, because these leaders always knew how to exploit the principal weaknesses of all human beings: love of comfort and ease, spiritual indolence. As long as the spiritual effort which Jesus demanded was taken from us, we were ready to allow these leaders to do whatever they liked. We therefore have been as culpable as these leaders because it is doubtful whether they would have lasted for so long on the leadership stool if we had not given them our support either openly or tacitly. If the majority of people rejected such manner of leadership, the Will of God would have manifested Itself and these people would have been overthrown.

The fact that this is not so showed the active and tacit support which we have given to such leaders over the centuries and which still holds sway today. They have contravened every single word of Jesus; first they removed the most important thing, the spiritual effort from the individual, secondly, they tortured and killed thereby showing to the discerning eye who it was that they truly were serving. They were serving only themselves, their ambition and ultimately the darkness.

Are we then surprised that we do not understand Justice? How can such people understand Divine Justice? People, who do not want to make any efforts as regards their salvation. We now see the truth in Jesus’ Words: make the effort and you shall have everything, do the contrary and you have suffering and chaos, which is what we have before us today on earth.

Taking away the personal spiritual effort from human beings, and having the effrontery to alter and go contrary to the Words of the Son of God. What presumption lies in this? And we acquiesced in all these and we still acquiesce. Anyone who comes to stress the importance of personal effort is immediately attacked and slandered and we the majority also side with the attackers who are mainly upholders of the status quo, who are benefiting from it and the means they use in their attacks prove that they cannot be servants of God, otherwise they would not use such sordid means. We have not understood the Message of Jesus, Who preached brotherly love and not allowing evil to arise from the heart, as for when He said Matthew 15. 18-19 that ‘But what comes out of the mouth proceeds from the heart, and this defiles a man. For out of the heart comes evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, false witnessing and slander. These are what defile a man’.

These leaders claim to serve Jesus yet they use means which have been censored by Him; yet nobody sees this, but on the contrary, the majority prefer to side with these people who use means Jesus did not approve of. The way to the understanding of Divine Justice will of course be closed to such people. How can Love and Justice reveal Themselves to people who oppose Them? And yet we grumble that there is no Justice. We are the architects of our own misfortune and we must blame ourselves for every single affliction that we see before our eyes on earth. We have produced it, allowed it to take root and now, everybody suffers under it.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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