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See also “Destiny or Fate”.

Karma refers to reactions to our actions, whether good or bad. It refers to the concept of returns or reactions that whatever we do will one day return to us in a multiplied way. Our actions in the form of thoughts, words or deeds will unconditionally return to us for us to reap.

This karma or returns is guided by a law in Creation. It is actually a Divine Law, which means that this concept comes from the Highest Heights, from God Himself. It is therefore a serious concept and must be taken seriously. The law that conditions this karma is called the Law of Reciprocal Action. It reciprocates exactly that which we put into action and motion through our thoughts, words or deeds.

Therefore, we can never reap hate where we sowed love and vice versa. Additionally we always reap a multitude of the same seed just like a maize seed at harvest is always a multiple of the original seed. The working of this Law of Karma determines our fate in so much as it weaves only what we ourselves furnish it though our actions. Action is therefore everything. We should therefore guard our actions (thoughts, words and deeds), so that this Law weaves only what is good for us.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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