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Knowledge is the product of experience. It is impossible to have true knowledge without experience. The knowledge would have been based on a thorough experiencing of all the events associated with the happening. It is then that one may say that one has knowledge of a happening. The knowledge can then form the basis of conviction. What one gains through experience is imprinted upon the spirit and is taken over with us into the Beyond as something gained.

These are some of the experiences of life which helps in one’s further development. What is all this attention being placed on the accumulation of material things about? Not a single jot of material substance will we take with us on our journey to the Beyond. It is therefore imperative to pay more attention not only to things that materially benefit us, but more importantly to things that are of benefit for all time, for eternity. The things that will continue to remain relevant to us even after we have left this earth.

We must, however, try to differentiate between knowledge as explained above and learning. Knowledge is an activity of the spirit, whereas learning is an activity of the intellect. One serves to facilitate life on earth while the other not only serves to facilitate life on earth but also far beyond it.

It is obvious which is more important unless of course one has declared that the Beyond is of no consequence and does not matter. This declaration, however, will not prevent the Laws from taking effect. Man has no jurisdiction over his spirit, or the Laws that in any case must take effect. So in any case man cannot really evade responsibility. It is our duty to make the correct choice. The consequences of a wrong decision can be dire in the extreme.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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