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True love has nothing to do with the physical. Love has only the spiritual benefit of the loved one at heart and acts accordingly. As far as the Love of God towards us is concerned, we are placed in situations which spiritually benefit us. As it relates to the Divine Nature; God is Love, which means that Love is a quality or an attribute of God. Jesus embodies or represents this Love or in other words personifies It.

Earthly love or physical love is the highest that the earth or material creation is able to give. As human beings, however, we must be able to go beyond this. In our maturing as human beings, we have not really been able to go beyond the level of earthly love. This is the highest that we still recognize. It is actually against this that everything collapses. We have not actually been able to find within ourselves that which places duty to God or the love for God as the highest and subordinate earthly love to this.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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