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The fallen Archangel. When mankind had reached a stage where the intellect had to be developed, Lucifer was sent down as the illuminator to help us in this. On descending down into the World of Matter, however, he developed a will contrary to that of the Creator. Instead of using the principle of supporting love, patiently awaiting our maturing, he was the one who could not wait. He thereby introduced the principle of temptation among other things, which is equivalent to the setting of snares for human spirits. There were many human spirits who fell by the wayside but this did not concern Lucifer.

Those who fell were abandoned to destruction, whereas those who withstood these temptations even became stronger. This is, however, a loveless principle, which led to the loss of so many spirits. His aim is the destruction of all that is weak. He is the Antichrist, the only true enemy of God, who opposes His Will and opposes our redemption in His Word. He fights every bringer of Divine Truth and uses almost the whole of mankind as tools in his fight against the Light. His tool is the intellect, which he has induced us to overdevelop, thereby shutting off the voice of the intuition, whereby we would no longer be in a position to hear the Voice of God.

Getting out of Lucifer’s clutches demands an enormous amount of self-conquest. There is no other way out. We must be prepared to discover and acknowledge every single fault within ourselves and making the effort to actually overcome them. This is not an easy task and many shy away form it, but for those whose goal it is to ascend, there is no other way.

Lucifer, through his principles has done an enormous amount of damage to human spirits. He has even led to the disintegration of many. He, however, does not entirely bear the whole blame. Part of the blame must rest with the human spirits as we have voluntarily made the decision to abide by his principles. The decision to choose has always been for the human beings to make. 

The way to God lies in the use of the spiritual intuition. The use of this implement leads to a continued direct connection to the Light for human beings. In order for Lucifer to bring us under his influence, and prevent a connection to the Light, he induced us to overdevelop our intellects and ignore the spiritual intuition.

This shut us off from the Light as the intellect lacks the ability to receive from the Light. This way, we become much more tractable and he could do with us as he wished. He could then call upon us at his whim as tools in his fight against the Light. Those who have overdeveloped their intellects and have shut off their intuitions have no more connection with Light, or any understanding of It. They, through the distortion that lies in them have now become Lucifer’s servants.

Even those who are not yet dedicated servants of Lucifer are always in danger of becoming so as long as they acknowledge the intellect as of paramount importance. They will always oppose the Light. The reason for this is the specific nature of the intellect, which was designed as a counter-pole to the upwardly striving spirit. It holds down and it keeps down. That is its nature and that is the purpose for which it was made. To regard the intellect as supreme therefore, is to ask for nothing more than to be an enemy of the Light.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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