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Marriage should only take place between people with complementary qualities. That way, their compatibility is assured. Such people bring with them spiritual qualities which complement the other. In this way, they can work together toward a common goal. People should marry for the right reasons. The reason behind most divorces today is the fact that most marriages take place for all the wrong reasons. The deep inner quality of each individual should be the overriding factor in making a choice. 

Unfortunately, again it is the intellect that people use to make decisions that obviously lie outside the ambit of this implement. What does the intellect know about human nature? What can the intellect know about the nature of the other individual? Where is that deep intuitive feeling that radiates towards other people and also receives from them? It is altogether lost. We pay a heavy price indeed for our neglect. We pay a very heavy price for putting a lifeless form above life. The reward is there for all to see. We place the vanity of intellectual sophistry and cleverness above happiness and matrimonial peace.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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