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See also “Creation”.

Matter refers to material. It refers to material creation, as distinct from spiritual creation. Therefore, we have the spiritual on the one hand and the material on the other. All is Creation. One is transient and the other is not. The material creation is transient in that it undergoes a process of disintegration after a while, only to reappear again in a new form. The spiritual creation on the other hand never ages. It remains forever the same as it is continually exposed to the quickening Power from the Holy Spirit.

Man originates in the spiritual part of Creation but his training ground is the material part. He must descend here for his training and maturing so that in completing this training he is then able to return to his home.

The material creation is also called Subsequent Creation because it was formed subsequently as a copy of the spiritual creation and consists of many layers from the lightest to the heaviest in terms of density.

Since our training ground is material creation and this is transient by nature, we must make certain that we return to our spiritual home on time before the disintegration of this part of creation sets in. We should see to it that we do not waste the time allotted for our development. Everything has a time limit and we should never assume that we can continue to forever develop here. One day the time will be up and we will be called to account for how we have used our time.

In The Light Of Truth: The Grail Message

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